Fast and Simple PHP Photography Portfolio (Turbo Photo Portfolio)

I have looked for a fast and simple photography portfolio to self-host since moving to a VPS from digital ocean. I couldn’t find one, so I wrote one!

I have called it Turbo Photo Portfolio and released it to the world on Github! I’ve recently updated it to use lightbox v2.7.1 and so I thought I would post about it here to hopefully excite others to try it.



  • A web server with PHP and ImageMagick - if you don’t already have a host, I recommend a small digital ocean ‘droplet’
  • Some images


  1. Clone or download the Turbo Photo Portfolio git repo to the root of your web server
  2. You can order both images and albums by naming them thus: 01_First_Album/01_first_image.jpg, 02_second_image.jpg etc.
  3. Edit inc/variables.php and replace the defaults with your values
  4. (Optional) Create a file inc/tracking.html and enter your visitor tracking code
  5. Edit about.php with your About text
  6. Go to the website and view your portfolio (NB it will take longer the first time you go to the page while it caches the images)


You can see it working on my London photography website. As you can see it is very fast, simple to set up and easy to customise!

Turbo Photography Portfolio Screenshot


Please contat me here or report bugs or feature requests on github.

I am happy to offer as much support as I can to help you get it up and running!