Switching from a shared host to VPS with Digital Ocean

After getting frustrated by slowness and lack of control over my websites on shared hosting I started to look for a VPS to host my websites.

I initially looked at Amazon’s AWS, but EC2 didn’t have enough RAM nor disk IOPS to host the database and website at the same time. AWS was free for a year but it would cost too much after that time just for me to host some modest websites. On top of that their DNS management also cost money.

I then found Digital Ocean who were offering a 1 CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD VPS for $5/month. Which was $3 less than I was playing for shared hosting! The only downside is that I have to do everything myself, but actually it was much more of an upside for me.

So, when I came to cancel my old host this stat came up:

it has been 2494 days since 2006-10-24

Nevermind! I promptly moved all my files across to my new “Droplet”.

The graphs below show the average timings from the Pingdom bot from locations all over the world.

Graph of performance improvement of this blog

Even after a few days on the new host things are still looking good!

Graph of performance improvement of this blog

As you can see below, two obvious things:

  1. The new server is MUCH faster and
  2. it is much more consistent.