Another Walk one Evening

I went for another walk the other day when the days were clear and sunny; the weather is slowly getting worse now :(

Balloons 1268

Never Eat Shredded Wheat…

NESW 1269

Sun and Fence 12751

Leaves 1289

Autumn is on its way…

Autumn Leaf 1293

Autumn Oak Leaves 1297

More rubbish being left behind.

Bottle 1295

This place is quite nice during the evening sun; next time the weather is nice I think I will bring my 70-200mm instead of the 50mm.

Machine 1305

Machine II 1306

Tree and Cows 1300

Field 1301

Yet more rubbish!

Can 1303

Cans 1354

Pole 1310


Moss 1328

Fence and Dead Grass 1331

Some flowers :)

Flowers I 1343

Flowers II 1345

Sunset flare!

Sunset Flare 1340

Sunset 1346

Sunset II 1353