Keep Britain Tidy

I have started a little photo project as of the other day. My photos for this are “interesting” documentary shots of litter/rubbish/trash which has been dropped or otherwise made its way into the world. Oh, if you’d like to do the same, once you are done taking photos, pick it up and bin it if you are able.

I have chosen the name “Keep Britain Tidy” for a few reasons. I thought it good to again raise the awareness of the “Keep Britain Tidy” campaign. It was the only name I thought of that summed up the project and was available as a group: Keep Britain Tidy on flickr.

My idea started the other day when I went on a walk on a lovely evening when I took this one and thought I should probably pick it up.

Capri-Sun 1186

Then I took a few more photos with this theme in mind:

M 1230

Paper 1266