More of Cornwall

Having finished processing the photos I took on Sunday I thought I would create another photo journey through my day.

I started the day in Idless Woods near Truro.


The weather was quite changeable during the morning, cloudy but with enough gaps for the sun to poke through.


Again most shots are with my new 50mm f/1.4.

I saw this on the way back; The sign above was at one end of the road but not the other, good job I have a light car.

Later that afternoon…

St Agnes

The sun came out and beat those clouds away, producing the glorious day you see above. These shots were taken on St Agnes beach. It happened to be packed with people but I avoided them for the photos.

The more rocky side of the beach had fewer people, and more inanimate things like rocks, seaweed and boats on it.


A man, fishing, standing atop of the ruins of the old St Agnes harbour.


Ultra-wide-angle! Isn’t the water an amazing colour?

More 10-22mm goodness at Perranporth Beach.

Perranporth I

More portrait-ultra-wide-angle-landscapes. I like the evening sunlight casting long shadows and giving everything a golden glow.

Perranporth II

On the beach its self; I like the flowing water on the sand and wispy clouds in the sky.

Perranporth Sand

Arty shot of the sand with some bokeh sand people (ok, maybe not real sand people). Taken with the 70-200mmm f/4 L.

Perranporth People Silhouette

Some silhouetted people upon the Perranporth sands, did I mention they were silhouettes, not their fault.

Perranporth III

Look at all the far away small people on the big long beach.


Foot! Well footprint in the sand. I like the nice shadows made by the sun, especially in the big toe hole.

Running Dog

It was running towards another dog (and its owner) in the sea, but it got called away at the last-minute by its owner some way back on the beach behind me.

Back to the UWA (ultra wide-angle)…


The rainbow type thing on the right of the sun is not lens flare as you may think. Notice it has a reflection in the wet sand. I am not sure what this phenomenon is called, if anyone knows, let me know..

Beach Spade Handle

A lonely broken spade handle I found half buried in the sand as the sun started to dip lower in the sky.

We moved back to St Agnes to view the sun setting.