A Walk around Bath on Sunday

I thought I would try putting some of the pictures together to tell a little story of my walk, in between the showers, last Sunday (06/07/2008). Oh, and also to show off the pictures taken with my nice new Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM :)

I eat some lunch

My Lunch

I then take my jacket

I take my jacket

and head into town.

Not long after I start walking some dead plants, catch my eye. Symmetrically framed by the blandly coloured window frame, yet, the vent breaks this symmetry, almost forming a face.

Dead Window Plants

Around the corner, reflections make this “Pedestrians <=” sign almost interesting to look at.

Red Pedestrians Sign

It decided to rain again. After I emerge from shelter some Bath architecture presents its self in a puddle.

Bath Architecture Reflection

Remnants of the rain are all around.

Rain Remnants (water drops)

I love the way water drops form on some cars after it has been raining. The dark rain cloud along with some welcome blue sky provide a reflected backdrop for these drops.

Drops of Rain on a Car Bonnet

Walking around town again after a quick respite I meet this dog tied up to the railings outside the Podium. It seemed very set on looking through the glass door (waiting for its owner?) rather than noticing people around it.


An American couple seem to like the dog and ask if it was mine, I deny knowing anything about it; they then ask me where they could buy some bottled water, restraining myself from saying “a shop” I pointed them in the direction of a corner shop as they said they were going that way anyway.

A seagull lands at the end of the wall, naturally I take its picture.

Seagull Sat Upon A Wall

There goes the rain again, leaving a reminder of its temporal existence on the metallic arm of a chair outside a cafe.

Rain on a Chair

Walking towards the Circus in Bath water streams down the side of the road and I happen upon an empty bottle in the gutter. At first I walk past but the lighting and running water catches my eye…

Bottle in the Gutter

It’s just a bench, but I like the lighting and the fact it is slowly drying off in the sun, just to be rained upon again later.


I snapped part of The Circus…

The Circus, Bath

…then round the corner I stumbled on the “Taste of Bath Festival”.

Taste of Bath

The view from the Royal Crescent, Bath.

View from Royal Crescent, Bath

I am tired after walking about 17km, and it looks like rain, the real sort of rain rather than just some more showers. I head back to the car, just in time, the heavens open and it really starts to rain.

Double Yellow Lines

All in all, a lovely afternoon.