Canadian Female Street Magician in Bath

Update: Someone on flickr pointed me towards her website

While walking around Bath this afternoon I stopped to watch a magician perform, she was pretty good. She asked if anyone had seen a magician before (3 people put up their hands) then she asked if anyone had seen a female magician (no one put their hands up). She mentioned a few times she was Canadian - hence the title.

Canadian Female Magician 3839

I took her photo after the show; I wish I got the focus better on her face, but it started to rain (as you should be able to see in the picture) so I was rushing.

During the show I was asked to partake in one of the tricks. I selected a card, well I say selected, it was more that she chose a card for me and wouldn’t let me choose another. I wrote my name on the card and put it back in the pack. She then put the pack in her mouth, not all the way, about 13 was still visible. After a few moments pulled out the pack of cards shortly followed by my card folded into four.

She offered me the card as a souvenir, I declined, she offered it again and someone shouted “go on” so I did… she said no one ever takes them.

Ace of Spades 3899