Sony Ericsson W580i (Insert SIM error)

Over the past few weeks my phone (Sony Ericsson w580i) was getting more and more temperamental. It would now-and-again lock up and do what looked like a soft restart; however, recently it just stopped working, it just said “insert SIM”.

Turns out the SIM card needs pushing fully in so that it clicks… this is close to impossible to do with your fingers (or normal nails), I finally did it with a pen.

After taking off the back of the phone, take out the battery. The SIM card might look something like this:

SIM card partially inserted

You then need to push it into the slot with a pen or other pointy object, the corner of the back cover also works.

SIM card fully inserted

Seems like a bit of a design flaw to me. Lets hope this post helps other fellow W580i users to solve this problem.

Update: Looks like Google has indexed it, welcome fellow W580i owners.