Running InfluxDB and Grafana in Docker

My next project will use InfluxDB and Grafana for performance test metric capture. While searching for how to run InfluxDB and Grafana using docker I didn’t find any simple instructions, so, after a few more searches I ended up with the following:

Start InfluxDB

docker run -d -p 8086:8086 \
      --name=influxdb  \
      -v influxdb:/var/lib/influxdb \

For more info see:

Create a database:

curl -i -XPOST http://localhost:8086/query --data-urlencode "q=CREATE DATABASE mydb"

Start Grafana

docker run -d --name=grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana

For more info see:

Access Grafana on http://machine-name:3000 then setup access to InfluxDB via the UI.