Mandarin Tone Learning/Practice Project

I am half-way though the free ReactJS course and I hope to finish it and build an initial prototype of an application which will enable practice through micro-testing of Mandarin listening skills.


I haven’t found a good source of practice material with easy and immediate feedback on practising Mandarin listening skills, mainly focusing on tones but also then words and even sentences. So I’m going to build my own, to practice my React skills while enabling me to build something I actually want to use.


If you are interested in trying the application, please get in touch. I will post again once I have something worth sharing!

I will also need a lot of Mandarin audio to use, if anyone knows of any good (free) sources, please let me know.


I plan to use ReactJS for the UI but also build a “ReST” (JSON over HTTP) service with Flask, a Python Microframework, and perhaps MongoDB for persistence.