Australia - Nov 2009

Here are some of my photos from my month in the land down under.


Sydney has very unique icons which I think make the city worth a visit. Mine was only a quick visit, a few days, so I didn’t really get to know the city and its character. The only impression I was left with was that of a fairly young, generic and not very special city with problems of graffiti and other city ills. However the opera house and bridge are quite spectacular, especially at night…



Childlike Fun 9350



Moving up the East coast of Australia

Gaz, our tour leader was a great guy. An actor doing everything but acting to pay the bills.

Gaz 9476

Rosie 9497

Rosie 9544


We only spend one night in Brisbane, it was a very generic city, didn’t strike me has having much character but again didn’t spend that much time there to discover what it had and was keeping hidden. I got lost that night after leaving the group with music in my ears and my camera and tripod over my shoulder and took some nice photos and had an amazing time.

IMG_9714 Compassion 9719

Fraser Island

I loved the fact we were on a HUGE island made of sand! It was so much fun sitting at the back (the most bouncy part) of the 4WD bus taking us over the island. We got stuck once and also had a flat tyre which made things interesting, we (all the guys) ended up pushing the bus out of the sand after we pushed a smaller 4x4 out of the sand after a failed attempt by a it to pull the bus out. Gave me an opportunity to take some photos like this next two.


Sands of Time 9787

The photo below was intended as a self portrait, partly to make me (my shadow) and the dead plant more interesting.

Self Portrait 9802


The tour finished in Cairns and I then flew to Melbourne to stay with my old friend Caswal for a week.

Melbourne 0023

Christmas Decorations 0029

I love capturing people details among landscapes/cityscapes.

Family Portrait 0051

After just casually taking photos now and then I thought I would spend a day concentrating on photo taking, these were a few from that day.

Funky Advert 0071

Bike 0090