(Latter half of) A Sunset

This was a really nice sunset, but I was driving back from Uni while the sky was ablaze, orange/red coloured clouds filled the sky. When I eventually got back I grabbed the camera and tripod and rushed to my near-by sunset-picture-taking spot.

Sunset Trees 1990

Whipped out the 70-200 after the following shot because there was too much difference between the orange sunset band and the gradually darkening sky for it to look good with a wide shot.

Wide Sunset 1992

Red Sky 1999

Fire Tree 2002

Fire in the Sky 2003


Pastel Tree 2001

Started to get darker from this point on, so I thought I would head back and take some photos along the way.

Street Lights 2017

Trees 2022


Distant Lights 2028

Between the Houses 2029