The first Bath PhotoSoc session of the year (Saturday 11th Oct)

PhotoSoc’s Taster Session

We took a walk from campus thorough the forest at the rear of the Uni, near the golf course. It was probably one of the best days we have had this month.

Yellow Leaves 1573

Orange Leaves 1575

Tree 1578

Leaves+Branch 1585

Silhouette Bokeh 1586

Trunk 1594

Green Leaves 1598

S 1605

Rim light 1608

Litter 1612

Fellow PhotoSoc’ers

People 1615

People II 1620

Yellow 1622


Fallen Leaf 1636

Dead 1638

Minimalistic shot:

Minimalistic 1641

Soft 1642


Bath Abbey:

Bath Abbey 1649

Deep Red/Orange 1662

Double Yellow Lines 1665

We all went for food at this point and then most people went home afterwards; I stayed out with Fran while the light was still good.

Telephone Box 1674


Royal Crescent 1683

Silhouette 1686

Orange Tree 1687

Yellow Green 1690

Autumn Colours 1691

Setting Sun 1692