Images of St Agnes taken with a Praktica TL 5B

While at home last week I used dad’s film camera to take images of St Agnes, Cornwall. The camera was a Praktica TL 5B, I was using a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens and some expired, ISO 200, 35mm colour film.

My first shot (that came out) was of Stippy Stappy, a famous landmark in the village.

Stippy Stappy 1a

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance)

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 2a

St Agnes Parish Church

St Agnes Parish Church 3a

A few from/of St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance)

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 4a

Boats and 4x4s at St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 5a

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 6a

Sea and Sky 7a

St Agnes Harbour (well, what’s left of it)

St Agnes Harbour 8a

St Agnes Harbour 9a

And now for something completely slightly different.

Wood 10a

Back to the sea (and cliffs)

Sea + Cliff 11a

Boat and Rock 12a

Cliff/Rock 13a

Rock and Boat 14a

Boat 15a

Some pictures from Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay 16a

Watergate Bay 17a

Back home: some still life - our router and PC taken wide-open at f/1.8

Router and Computer 18a

Back to St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) on another day, 19th Sept 2008, I think.

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 19a

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 20a

I got my feet wet after this photo, I was standing on top of the ramp down to the beach and I avoided one big wave that came a little way over; I went back to the same place only to have an even bigger wave (that I failed to escape) come and get my feet and bottoms of my trousers wet. At least it wasn’t cold but I did have to walk a few miles home with wet/sandy feet. The things I do for art… or something like that.

St Agnes Beach (Trevaunance) 21a

On the long way round to the village, up Rocky Lane then along a small footpath, there is a nice view of the sea and headlands up the coast from St Agnes.

St Agnes (Trevaunance) Beach with other headlands up the coast 22a

I chose this way home as it led me past the Wheal Friendly engine house.

Wheal Friendly engine house 23a

Wheal Friendly engine house

Wheal Friendly engine house 24a

Wheal Friendly engine house - last photo

I wanted to take one more picture, but alas, I ran out of film. Never mind.