Leaving IPL

I’ve learnt a lot over the past 14 months, a placement is something I’d strongly recommend to anyone. It provides experience which can’t be taught at University, generally softer skills and gives you a taste of (rather than tells you) what working life is like.

One of the leaving cakes I made:

Cake 0603

It was pretty good.

The leaving drinks at lunch…

Bottle 0606

Matt 0607

Followed by our last evening of P├ętanque this season.

Boules 0608

Mark 0609

Boules 0610

Point 0611

Nope, look we are closer.

Boules 0612

Rain 0613

Rain, but it didn’t stop play.

Boules 0614

Green Park Station 0616

Green Park Station 0618

Thanks Bath and IPL, it’s been fun!