St Agnes Carnival 2008

Spent some of the day in Truro. The clouds didn’t look good for the Carnival in the evening.

Truro 0103

Some flowers :)

Flowers 0133

Back to St Agnes, I am sure these signs would have confused any visitor!

Diversions 0140

The carnival itself

We decided to go to the field where all the entrants were preparing and being judged.

Morris Dancers 0153

The Morrisettes - The Aggie Old Girls, Merry Morris Maidens.

There were a variety of dogs walking around on two legs…

Dog 0162

Dog 5529


Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes please!” Austin 5549

Salsa 5558

Loving the bright colours, especially against the nice dark grey sky.

Giant Bolster 5561

Giant bolster arising.

After this I swiftly walked back to some friends for dinner, I just got in before it started to rain quite hard…

People 5552 400d

These people however would have got quite wet.

Dog 5580

“Where’s my food?”

Dog 5582

“I’m still waiting.”

Morris Dancers 5636

The morris girls as they dance in the rain.

Umbrella 5670

Fairies 5680

Brightly coloured, wet fairies.